When it's graceful in coffee one hand while being jolted in a rocking chair

A coffee school warrior is the coffee shop which continues from foundation for 1978 years.

We go out of the JR Kameido station east entrance, and it's located in the 2nd floor of the immediate building right now.

A cup of drip coffee from which a cup of coffee is picked out by hand drop and water stock coffee from which coffee is picked out only for cold water are very popular!!

When I enter, one step of armor and space where a sword and an arranged flower are the quiet summation will meet everybody at a store. And 10 rocking chairs in which to pull the first equals a counter.

A lot of customers have be seen with enjoying coffee, a meal and liquor in mind though they're jolted on this seat.

The daytime can enjoy liquor while enjoying a morning coat, lunch, a cake and a dessert and hearing Jazz as well as coffee in the evening. I'll also suggest that I'll spend nice adult time.

We appear on many media such as a television and a magazine and are also chosen as the Tokyo coffee big four and Tokyo five distinct noted store, and keep being loved by a lot of customers from every region of the country as well as localness, and take pride in our persistent popularity.

I'll wait more than everybody's coming center with spirit of an once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Shop Infomation

Restaurant Name Coffee Dojo Samurai
Phone Number 03-3638-4003 In Japan
Address Sampobiru 2F,6-57-22
Access JR Kameido Station East Exit 1-minute walk
Tobu Kameido Line Kameido Station 3-minute walk
Hours Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 23:00
Friday & Saturday 8:00 - 24:00
Close Every Sunday
Seating Capacity Rocking chair 10seat & Box 30seat
Smoking Smoking
Wi-Fi SoftBank, NTT DoCoMo, au
Average price Morning 500JPY
Lunch 800JPY
Dinner 1500JPY

Menu List
Amout is Japanese Yen(JPY) tax included

Coffee Drinks

Original blended coffee 500
Water drop coffee 500
Blue Mountain 700
Cappuccino 650
Tea 500
Banana juice 700
Other Soft drinks 500~



Beef Stew & Baguette set 950
Hamburger rice casserole 900
Curry rice casserole 850
Potato pizza 700
Potato cheese gratin baking 600
Cinnamon toast 550



Homemade pudding 650
Rare cheesecake 500
Chocolate cake 500



Other all kinds cocktail 700